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23 Wedges Tested...#1 Wedge in Accuracy. #4 in Full Shot Spin. (2021 MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Wedge Test)

One of the main tenets of the Sub 70 ethos is that we do not launch an update to our clubs unless it will provide an appreciable performance difference to the majority of players that bag our clubs. Unlike many of the leading golf club manufacturers, we will not release a new line of clubs each year, but only when our continuing development and research lands us with an update that is better than the previous iteration. It is exactly that process that leads us to the 286 Wedge, which is the next generation of the original Sub 70 Wedge Series. 

The 286 Wedge is forged from buttery smooth DT-4 Steel, with a CNC milled face for the ultimate in feel and control. Our designers added a third port in the head, which our testing revealed provides a better, more optimal ball flight without sacrificing spin or stopping power. The leading edge of the face is straighter than the prior model, with a slightly softer roll into the sole of the club, providing better turf interaction and giving the club an exceptional ability to slide through turf and grass. Ultimately, consistent with our belief that companies should not continually release clubs without demonstrable improvements, we at Sub 70 are proud of the fact that the 286 wedge is the culmination of 2 years of refinement and honing our original design.

Please note that the raw finish club heads are meant to rust and create a patina over time. They will arrive with a dull satin appearance but do not actually have a finish applied to them. These heads will begin to rust and build character as they are introduced to moisture and the elements. The player's treatment of the clubs will ultimately affect the amount of rust/patina on each club.


For Custom Length and lie please leave a note in the checkout with your desired specs.


Customisation Information

  • For all customised laser engraving, please select ‘yes’ in the customisation – laser engraving +£25 dropdown box.
  • Then simply type what you would like engraved onto your club head, this can either be; text such as a name or nickname, a logo such as you favourite football team, or even your own designs.
  • Once You have placed your order, a member of our team will be in touch via email or phone, to confirm you custom engraving, and/or to collect custom imagery.
  • Please note we will not engrave profane or explicit language, logos, or pictures. Please also note that customised clubs cannot be returned.


Sub 70 286 Forged Wedge Raw - KBS Shafts

PriceFrom £109.00
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