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The 100% milled Sub 70 005 Wide Blade CS (center shafted) putter is an incredible option for those who have a square or straight back/straight through putting stroke. Made from a single billet of 1045 carbon steel, the 005 CS offers a wide blade head shape with a center shaft connection to keep the head steady and even throughout the stroke.

It provides tour-level feedback and forgiveness with weight spread evenly between the heel and toe. This design was requested often due to the popularity and success of our original 005 Wide Blade putter. Like the original Sub 70 005 Wide Blade, the 005 Wide Blade CS comes with 15-gram weights in the heel and toe, but also ships with two 5-gram, two 10-gram, and two 20-gram weights. This allows each golfer to quickly and easily fine-tune the weight of their putter. Our classic black and white color scheme makes alignment easy...instilling confidence and helping the golfer make more putts with a decisive stroke.

Sub70 005 Wide Blade Center Shaft Putter

PriceFrom £169.99
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