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Feel free to call the Sub70 team, we are here to help guide you to the perfect shaft and head combination.


We have loads of shafts and grips available, so if there is something you need that isn't listed please get in touch .


For Custom Length and lie please leave a note in the checkout with your desired specs.


The Sub 70 639-CB Forged Iron is a workhorse for the player who seeks distance and control while retaining feel. The club head itself begins as a solid billet of DT-4 soft stainless steel. Each head is precision forged for unparalleled feel and responsiveness off the face while the back is finished with a custom milling process. The club is designed with a rounded leading edge and sole design to provide better turf interaction for the player who needs forgiveness, and the player’s style cavity back provides additional margin for error while not eliminating workability.

The 639-CB provides the best of both worlds, allowing for creativity and shaping of shots while providing the necessary forgiveness to the player in need.

Sub70 639 CB Black Forged Irons Project X Shafts

PriceFrom £630.00
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