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The 699 Pro is the newest addition to the award-winning irons offered by Sub 70. The Sub 70 699 Pro is for the player looking for a club that combines the best elements of game improvement technology with the playability and classic lines found in the Sub70 639 series. The 699 Pro is suggestive of a blade while being as technologically advantageous as possible. While retaining the technological advantages offered by the original 699 head, the 699 Pro refines those characteristics into an iron that looks and feels like a classic player's iron while still performing as efficiently and powerfully as technology will allow. We have taken the best of both worlds and combined them to form the 699 Pro.


What remains of the original 699 is a precision-milled 1.7mm face that provides maximum ball speeds and compression, a slightly more generous heel to toe measurement, a massive sweet spot for the utmost in forgiveness, and a TPE injected hollow-core body that furnishes the best in feel and sound at impact. What makes the 699 Pro an altogether different beast is a thinner topline for a more classic look at the address, decreased offset for better workability and flight control, and a clean satin finish. For the player yearning for the best in current technology, classic looks, and workability, the search is over. The 699 Pro is the answer.

Sub70 699 Pro Irons KBS Shafts

PriceFrom £470.00