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Feel free to call the Sub70 team, we are here to help guide you to the perfect shaft and head combination.


We have loads of shafts and grips available, so if there is something you need that isn't listed please get in touch .


For Custom Length and lie please leave a note in the checkout with your desired specs.


Sub 70 began with a promise: unlike other companies that release clubs on a yearly or quarterly basis simply because people will buy them, we promised to only release a new iteration of our clubs if and when we achieved objective, measurable gains in performance. Enter the next generation of our award-winning 699 Pro irons.

The newly minted 699 Pro utilizes the same technology as the 699, but comes in a more compact package and is tailored to the lower handicap player. The 699 Pro has a narrower sole and shorter heel to toe length than the standard 699, as well as decreased offsets throughout the set which makes it more attractive to the player that requires a bit less help from the club.

The 699 Pro is a player's distance iron, and the 2023 redesign represents a three year journey in research and development that culminated in the holy grail of improved distance, forgiveness, and playability.

The new 699 Pro retains the original 699 Pro's successful 2-piece, TPE resin injected, hollow body design in 431 stainless steel. However, the newly designed 699 Pro now has a reactive 1.7 millimeter thin VFT face composed of S-450 aerospace steel, which not only results in improved distance, but also more consistent distances across the entire face. This means that even when struck imperfectly, on the toe or heel of the club, distance loss is minimized, resulting in more greens hit.

While the original 699 Pro excelled in forgiveness, the new iteration is a true game changer in that regard. The channel back of the original 699 irons has been expanded in the new model, which provides further improvement in forgiveness on off-center strikes. Moreover, two reinforcing ribs have been placed within the head to reduce body deformation at impact, thus allowing for maximum energy transfer and higher ball speeds even on off center strikes.

The 2023 699 Pro iron also shows off improvements in playability, with a squared leading edge grind for easier alignment at address, as well as an attractively thinner top line. Moreover, the sole now sports a 4-way camber, allowing it to set up perfectly at address as well as provide improved situational playability. The sole of the 699 allows for workability in any vector, high or low, right or left. Finally, shorter, constant length hosels have allowed for improved CG positioning and new offset progressions provide better Dynamic Alignment Properties which promotes more predictable directional performance.

The updated 699 Pro also offers set-matching wedges in Pitch, Gap, and Sand. The Sand Wedge face is CNC milled for additional spin and control around the greens. Set-matching long irons and utility clubs are also available.

SATIN - Satin finishes are the most popular finish in golf, allowing the beauty of the club to stand on its own. Elegant and timeless, satin finishes maintain themselves effortlessly, and will show beautiful face wear when kept for years.

Sub70 699 Pro v2 Satin Irons PX

PriceFrom £650.00
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