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The stock shaft is the Sub70 Project X - For custom shafts please call or speak to us in the chat to discuss upgrades.


During Sub 70's rigorous testing, research and development of our clubs, we identified a distinct gap in the market: the player's hybrid. Noting the fact that most often good players are able to handle their lower irons without the need for a hybrid, we then began to ask if we could design a club that would counteract the reasons that low handicap players steer away from hybrids, while providing benefits they may not get from their traditional long irons. The answer can be found in the Sub70 949x Pro Hybrid.

The most common refrain when asking low handicappers what they dislike about hybrids is the inability to easily shape shots with them, and the tendency for stronger players to over draw them. In response, Sub 70 designed a smaller, more compact head shape that will look and feel far more similar to a long iron at address. Additionally, the sole of the 949x Pro Hybrid has been reworked for minimal turf drag, allowing for ease of use and shot shaping from the tee box all the way to the thickest rough. Finally, the face angle is factory set at 1 degree open and a weight port has been added to the toe of the club, allowing players to customize the weighting of the head to fight the typical draw tendency of hybrids in the hands of skilled players.

The 949x Pro Hybrid is made to solve many of the problems keeping hybrids out of the bags of many low handicappers, but all players can benefit from its adjustability and sole design. In fact, the 949x Pro has Sub 70's hottest face technology, with a 1.8mm thick face made of 455 Carpenter steel for maximum ball speeds. And when the 949x Pro connects, the results are impressively long and accurate.

Sub70 949X Pro Hybrid

PriceFrom £164.99
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