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Please allow 1-2 weeks for assembly before your clubs ship. Each set is custom built when ordered. We will get your clubs built and shipped out as quickly as we can. Thank you!


Utility clubs, much like Craig Biggio, must be capable of playing in any condition, on any surface, and in every situation. The new 699U Pro v2 Utility clubs do exactly that, in an even more elevated and impressive manner than the first generation. 

The new 699 Pro Utilities utilize all of the new 699 Pro iron attributes, with slightly narrower soles and a shorter heel to toe length than the standard 699 Utilities, but have slightly lower profiles and wider soles than their 699 Pro counterparts, making them even easier to hit consistently given their lower loft. The sole features a 4-way camber that makes them eminently playable in every situation, and they are surprisingly easy to hit while the ball is on the ground, rather than on a tee. 

The new 699U Pro Utilities retain the original 699 Pro's successful 2-piece, TPE resin injected, hollow body design in 431 stainless steel. However, the newly designed 699U Pro Utility now has a reactive 1.7 millimeter thin VFT face composed of S-450 aerospace steel, which not only results in improved distance, but also more consistent distances across the entire face. This means that even when struck imperfectly, on the toe or heel of the club, distance loss is minimized, resulting in more greens hit. Additionally, the Pro versions have less offset and a slightly reduced profile as compared to the standard 699 v2.

The lofts on the 699U Pro Utilities follow with the rest of the irons, allowing a player so inclined to build a combo set of 699 series irons and utilities that can cover all distances without the creation of any unsightly yardage gaps. Additionally, to enhance the accuracy of the 699U Pro two iron by reducing gear effect on off-center strikes, a slight and barely visible bulge and roll was added to the face, effectively making the 699U Pro two iron a point and shoot rocket launcher


SATIN - Satin finishes are the most popular finish in golf, allowing the beauty of the club to stand on its own. Elegant and timeless, satin finishes maintain themselves effortlessly, and will show beautiful face wear when kept for years.

Sub 70 699 Pro v2 Utility Satin

PriceFrom £129.00
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