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Feel free to call the Sub70 team, we are here to help guide you to the perfect shaft and head combination.


We have loads of shafts and grips available, so if there is something you need that isn't listed please get in touch .


For Custom Length and lie please leave a note in the checkout with your desired specs.


The Sub 70 659 Satin Tour Cavity, or TC, is a new addition to the Sub 70 iron array. The TC is both a bridge and an elevator, in that it is meant to bridge the gap between the CB and MB, allowing players to create the perfect combination set for their unique game, but also as a standalone set that will elevate one's ball striking and ability to shot make. The 659 TC is, like its brethren the MB and CB, forged and milled from a single billet of DT-4 steel. This provides lush and buttery softness on contact, with the feedback a low to mid handicap needs to zero in the consistency of swing and strike. Given its role as a bridge between the player's iron and the mid handicap CB, the TC takes a little from both, requiring some precision but not demanding perfection. With some forgiveness built in by virtue of sole design and weighting, but still allowing the high level player to hit all 9 shots on demand, the 659 TC is truly the crowd pleasing middle child of Sub 70's 659 line of irons.

The 659 TC 7-AW heads have a 6 gram toe weight to help keep the face from closing down with the mid and short irons

Sub70 659 TC Forged Satin Irons

PriceFrom £760.00
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