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In keeping with our promise to all golfers, we only launch new products when we have truly improved upon the previous generation or can alter the current generation to meet the needs of a specific type of player. Our new 849D Driver meets both of those requirements, as it represents an improvement in technology, and also specifically fills the gap for the golfer looking for forgiveness and assistance, while maintaining the same general design characteristics and customizability as the Sub 70 849 Pro Driver.

The all-black body of the 849D is 460cc and has a higher MOI than the 849 Pro Driver, thus allowing for better results on off-center or inconsistent strikes. The 849D creates further confidence over the ball with a larger heel to toe and front to rear measurement, giving the top line view the appearance that no matter the swing, center face contact is a given. A slight draw bias is a must in a game improvement driver, and the 849D was therefore designed and weighted to make it much easier to draw than the Pro version. Additionally, for added distance and help getting the ball up, the 849 launches higher than the Pro version. However, and despite all of the changes made to fit the needs of the mid to high handicap player, the 849D retains nearly all of the original design innovations of the original 849 Pro. The 849D sports the same sleek, all-black design, with carbon fiber utilized specifically to optimize weight distribution, and 20 grams of adjustable weights to further refine ball flight and spin characteristics. For those of us that are looking for a driver that flies high, travels far, and goes straight, look no further. .

Sub70 849D Driver

PriceFrom £274.99
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